Happy Friday

I haven't posted in a few weeks; I had a queue built up to get the school year started but it ran out. I am a college student and I work two jobs; those responsibilities have overwhelmed my late summer/early fall. However, I have a few pieces I plan to get posted, starting tomorrow. Thanks … Continue reading Happy Friday


A poem - written 07/19 Treading water again. Sometimes I Float. Calm. Cool. The world is Effortless. All I need is to Stay still. Then the water grows choppy. Wind's picking up. Gotta start kicking to Keep myself alive. Do not duplicate or distribute without written permission. Please give credit when sharing or performing.

“Local Man Fights Anxiety In a Denny’s Parking Lot”

A poemTrigger warnings: mental illness They say, in the Old Testament, Jacob fought God And became Israel, Father of Nations. Well, Last night Jack McCormack fought me Out back of that diner on Mississippi For the tenth time this year: a year the same as decades before. When he saw me coming, his bad heart … Continue reading “Local Man Fights Anxiety In a Denny’s Parking Lot”