This is Not a Love Poem

A poem

Let’s skip the loving, can’t we?
I want to hurt from loving you, I want
My insides carved out from loving you,
Knowing it’s the end and there’s nothing either of us can do.
I want to be bleeding inside and crying outside because that’s where we’ll end up, when we reach the point where there’s nothing to recover. Nothing to save.
I want to meet heartbreak for coffee because
It’s been too long and we’ll have to text sometime.
I want to hug regret. I want bitterness to kiss me
On the mouth. I want to hate wanting with every
Atom of my soul. Because
Life is not happy and
Ever afters are not real.
Let me read sad poems. Let me have an ex-something. Let me
Curse your name, avoid your memory. Let me
Hate you. Let me have
Someone to hate.

Do not duplicate or distribute without written permission. Please give credit when sharing or performing.

5 thoughts on “This is Not a Love Poem

  1. Hey Greer! I liked your poem a couple days ago, and rereading it, I still very much enjoy it. It’s an anti-love poem, yet it leaves room to suspect that there is actually quite a lot of love within the narrator (you?) who is simply defining love through the half-glass-empty methodology. May I reblog your post, so more people can see it (hopefully)?


    1. Hi Jonathan, thank you so much for sharing my poem on your blog! It got an unprecendented number of views and I really appreciate that. I also appreciate your continued readership. I hope to create more works you find interesting in the future.


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